GTS Bream series Win for Team Berkley/Cultiva

Well what a day at the Gamakatsu Series Round 2 at South West Rocks taking out 1st place with 5 fish for 3.6kg!

We spent a lot of time researching and planning for this event, heading up 2 weeks prior for a pre-fish. We headed up the rivers to fish natural edges, banks and mangroves and found the going pretty tough, eventually cracking a pattern cranking the rock walls at the front of the system.

With the river flooding the week prior to the event, we knew this would be even better as the fish would push further to the front of the system and on the official pre-fish day we confirmed that theory by catching more fish cranking all different rock walls.

Come tournament day, our plan was to rotate between three different rock walls and some racks up river that we had caught fish in on pre-fish with 3” Gulp minnow grubs. We started off at our first wall, catching a fish within the first few casts before it went quiet. A little bit worried we headed to our next rock wall, catching a bag and 2 upgrades on the first drift!


We caught a few more upgrades there before heading up river to fish the racks for no luck, so we headed back to our third rock wall. This was the best choice of the day, catching a few more upgrades and two 35 forks on the first drift!

We continued fishing this wall for the remainder of the day, catching an upgrade or two every drift until the run out tide came in full force and the dirty rain water came through.

We caught all of our fish on deep diving hardbodies such as the Berkley fatdog’s twitched and jerked over the rocks on 3lb fluorocarbon straight through. We fished these hardbodies on an Abu Vanguard 7’3” 3-4kg and a Revo Inshore 30, which definitely helped pull some of the bigger fish out.

All in all it was an awesome weekend, with plenty of fish and even more lost lures. Can’t wait for the next one at Forster on the 21st/22nd February!

Todd Riches

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