VicBream Classic Round 1 – Marlo

Vicbream Classic Round 1 – Marlo

Marlo is a unique system for us Victorians, it has fast tides that greatly affects the fishing, we’re not really use to fast flowing water so lure presentation and boat position is added to the challenge. The system itself is made up of a main channel that is dotted with islands and creeks, 2 shallow lakes that at low tide are almost impossible to get in or out of and 2 rivers that flow pretty hard. With plenty of water to cover, our prefish was fantastic with plenty of fish found on a range of structures. But our go to plan was to fish the rock walls and a shallow creek nearby with Berkley puppydogs, a technique that both dad and I enjoy using.

Day 1 started slowly with both the rock wall and creek not producing any fish for the first 2 hours. We were hoping that it was a tide related bite and that being patient would pay off. So to kill some time and to hopefully find some more options we fished our way to the mouth, picking up a solid fish along the way. We were sounding fish but without any more convincing bites we headed back to the rock walls with the rising tide. This decision almost paid off with 3 x 1kg fish making it to the net. We also lost a couple of fished and dad got roasted by a big bream in the snags. With only 4 fish to weigh in we were happy to still be in the mix with 3.94kg and sitting in 7th place.

Day 2 was a real struggle, we headed back to the rock wall and after 3 drifts we only had 2 bites which resulted in 1 fish. With the tide dropping we headed back to the fish we sounded the day before and began the slow grind of throwing Berkley Bigeye blades in watermelon and 3” nemesis in camo. After 40 minutes of nothing, we had 3 bites in quick succession resulting in 2 solid bream and a huge 1.5kg Estuary Perch. The excitement of thinking we had hooked a potential winning fish only for it to have a large bucket mouth really knocked the wind out of my sails. With 3 good fish in the well, we went back to the rock wall in an attempt to get lucky and pull a couple of monsters from the heavy structure and catch the leaders to steal the win. But luck didn’t play nicely. With time running out we went back to the schooled fish and pulled two legals on 3” nemesis which saved our day.

We weighed 3.64kg and snuck onto the podium to take 3rd place, a result that really doesn’t reflect how tough we found the fishing. As this was only the second time we have fished Marlo we definitely learnt a great deal about the system. The Vicbream Classic Grand Final will be held at Marlo this year so hopefully we can use what we have learnt to produce the quality and quantity of fish that will be required to be competitive.

– Hodgey




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