Nitro Sniper Jigheads

  • Built on quality Yakiba hook
  • Specifically, designed bullet head shape with integral bait keeper
  • Designed for fresh and saltwater applications
  • Locally designed and built for Australian species



1518024NITRO SNIPER JH 1/16OZ (1.7g) No 4
1518083NITRO SNIPER JH 3/8OZ (10g) No 3/0
1518070NITRO SNIPER JH 1/12OZ (2.4g) No 1
1518028NITRO SNIPER JH 1/12OZ (2.4g) No 2
1518025NITRO SNIPER JH 1/12OZ (2.4g) No 4
1518027NITRO SNIPER JH 1/16OZ (1.7g) No 2
1518022NITRO SNIPER JH 1/16OZ (1.7g) No 6
1518026NITRO SNIPER JH 1/20OZ (1.4g) No 2
1518023NITRO SNIPER JH 1/20OZ (1.4g) No 4
1518021NITRO SNIPER JH 1/20OZ (1.4g) No 6
1518081NITRO SNIPER JH 1/2OZ (14g) No 2/0
1518084NITRO SNIPER JH 1/2OZ (14g) No 3/0
1518073NITRO SNIPER JH 1/4OZ (7g) No 1
1518076NITRO SNIPER JH 1/4OZ (7g) No 1/0
1518079NITRO SNIPER JH 1/4OZ (7g) No 2/0
1518082NITRO SNIPER JH 1/4OZ (7g) No 3/0
1518075NITRO SNIPER JH 1/6OZ (4.6g) No 1/0
1518072NITRO SNIPER JH 1/6OZ (4.6g) No 1
1518078NITRO SNIPER JH 1/6OZ (4.6g) No 2/0
1518071NITRO SNIPER JH 1/8OZ (3.5g) No 1
1518074NITRO SNIPER JH 1/8OZ (3.5g) No 1/0
1518069NITRO SNIPER JH 1/8OZ (3.5g) No 2
1518077NITRO SNIPER JH 1/8OZ (3.5g) No 2/0
1518080NITRO SNIPER JH 3/8OZ (10g) No 2/0


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