Landing Nets

1. catch & release net, silicone rubber mesh, 90cm measure on handle, lanyard , eva grip
2. retractable catch & release net – 1.42 meters extended, 38 cm retracted, lanyard
3. large snapper net – silicone rubber & deep pocket mesh
4. retractable large snapper net – 1.82 meters extended, 1.15 meters retracted
5. bait net – deep fine mesh pocket, round corners, anodised
6. kayak net – 28 cm handle, elasticised cord with clip, silicone mesh, anodised
7. extended kayak net – 35cm handle, elasticised cord with clip, silicone mesh, anodised
9. folding telescopic catch & release net – 1.26m extended, 0.84 m retracted. net folds for storage
10. kayak net – 50cm handle
* spare silicone mesh net to suit catch & release net – for replacements

FROM RRP. $0.00




ModelSKUFishing TypeColourPackage Count
BERKLEY CATCH AND RELEASE NET1134571Multi-SpeciesRed/Black1
FOLDING CATCH N RELEASE NET1316613Multi-SpeciesRed/Black1
LARGE SNAPPER NET1209804Multi-SpeciesRed/Black1
RETRACTABLE SNAPPER NET1283008Multi-SpeciesRed/Black1
BERKLEY BAIT NET1153294Multi-SpeciesRed/Black1
BERKLEY KAYAK NET1223389Multi-SpeciesRed/Black1
EXTENDED KAYAK NET1260931Multi-SpeciesRed/Black1
TELESCOPIC CATCH N RELEASE NET1275848Multi-SpeciesRed/Black1
EXTENDED KAYAK NET1260931Multi-SpeciesRed/Black1


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