Nitro Saltwater Pro

  • Heavy duty Owner hooks
  • Quad ribbed grub keeper
  • Trademark nitro shape
  • Made specifically for Berkley softbaits
  • AVAILABLE IN various Weight & sizes
  • Weight :1/16OZ / 1.8G – 5oz / 140g
  • Hook SIZE: #2 – #9 /0


Higher diameter wire! Forged! Chemically sharpened! and coated in a Super tin finish to resist corrosion! They don’t come any tougher than that! Other design features include; the trademark Nitro shape, that allows a more natural drop, imparts more action on the hop, and resists snagging with its stand up design. Incorporating the Nitro quad ribbed keep for far superior bait keeping abilities. The Nitro Saltwater Pro Jigs are the number one jigs for big strong fish!


NITRO SW PRO 1/16OZ 2 JIG HOOK1/16oz | 1.8g2
NITRO SW PRO 1/12OZ 1 JIG HOOK1/12 | 2.4g1
NITRO SW PRO 1/8OZ 2 JIG HOOK1/8oz/ 3.5g2
NITRO SW PRO 1/8OZ 1 JIG HOOK1/8oz/ 3.5g1
NITRO SW PRO 1/8OZ 1/0 JIG HOOK1/8oz/ 3.5g1/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/8OZ 2/0 JIG HOOK1/8oz/ 3.5g2/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/8OZ 3/0 JIG HOOK1/8oz/ 3.5g3/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/6OZ 2 JIG HOOK1/6oz | 4.7g2
NITRO SW PRO 1/6OZ 1 JIG HOOK1/6oz | 4.7g1
NITRO SW PRO 1/6OZ 1/0 JIG HOOK1/6oz | 4.7g1/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/6OZ 2/0 JIG HOOK1/6oz | 4.7g2/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/6OZ 3/0 JIG HOOK1/6oz | 4.7g3/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/6OZ 5/0 JIG HOOK1/6oz | 4.7g5/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/4OZ 2 JIG HOOK1/4oz | 7g2
NITRO SW PRO 1/4OZ 1 JIG HOOK1/4oz | 7g1
NITRO SW PRO 1/4OZ 1/0 JIG HOOK1/4oz | 7g1/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/4OZ 2/0 JIG HOOK1/4oz | 7g2/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/4OZ 3/0 JIG HOOK1/4oz | 7g3/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/4OZ 5/0 JIG HOOK1/4oz | 7g5/0
NITRO SW PRO 3/8OZ 1 JIG HOOK3/8oz | 10.6g1
NITRO SW PRO 3/8OZ 1/0 JIG HOOK3/8oz | 10.6g1/0
NITRO SW PRO 3/8OZ 2/0 JIG HOOK3/8oz | 10.6g2/0
NITRO SW PRO 3/8OZ 3/0 JIG HOOK3/8oz | 10.6g3/0
NITRO SW PRO 3/8OZ 5/0 JIG HOOK3/8oz | 10.6g5/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/2OZ 1/0 JIG HOOK1/2oz | 14g1/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/2OZ 2/0 JIG HOOK1/2oz | 14g2/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/2OZ 3/0 JIG HOOK1/2oz | 14g3/0
NITRO SW PRO 1/2OZ 5/0 JIG HOOK1/2oz | 14g5/0
NITRO SW PRO 5/8OZ 2/0 JIG HOOK5/8oz | 17.5g2/0
NITRO SW PRO 5/8OZ 3/0 JIG HOOK5/8oz | 17.5g3/0
NITRO SW PRO 5/8OZ 5/0 JIG HOOK5/8oz | 17.5g5/0
NITRO SW PRO 5/8OZ 7/0 JIG HOOK5/8oz | 17.5g7/0
NITRO SW PRO 3/4OZ 5/0 JIG HOOK3/4oz | 22g5/0
NITRO SW PRO 3/4OZ 7/0 JIG HOOK3/4oz | 22g7/0
NITRO SW PRO 1OZ 3/0 JIG HOOK1oz | 28g3/0
NITRO SW PRO 1OZ 5/0 JIG HOOK1oz | 28g5/0
NITRO SW PRO 1OZ 7/0 JIG HOOK1oz | 28g7/0
NITRO SW PRO 1.5OZ 5/0 JIG HOOK1.5oz | 42g5/0
NITRO SW PRO 1.5OZ 7/0 JIG HOOK1.5oz | 42g7/0
NITRO SW PRO 2OZ 5/0 JIG HOOK2oz | 56g5/0
NITRO SW PRO 2OZ 7/0 JIG HOOK2oz | 56g7/0
NITRO SW PRO 3OZ 7/0 JIG HOOK3oz | 85g7/0
Nitro Saltwater Pro Assortment L Light1/4oz & 3/8oz3/0
Nitro Saltwater Pro Assortment L Heavy1/2oz & 5/8oz3/0
Nitro Saltwater Pro Assortment XL Light3/8oz to 1/2oz5/0
Nitro Saltwater Pro Assortment XL Heavy5/8oz to 1oz5/0


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