PowerBait 3.9” Beat N Paddle Frog

  • Paddle tail style feet beat the water with a sound fish want to crush
  • Sturdy body for fishing in heavy cover and catching multiple fish per bait
  • Easy-to-start paddle action can be worked at a variety of speeds
  • Designed to rig weedless with a worm hook
  • Available in four colours

FROM RRP. $9.99



The PowerBait Beat n Paddle Frog features paddle tail style feet that beat the water and make a sound and turbulence that fish just want to crush. Our Berkley Pro Team have fallen in love with this bait and have had huge success on everything from Bass to Barra, with a super realistic outline presenting a lifelike silhouette to predators below. Add the scientifically developed PowerBait formula into the body and you better be ready for some explosive surface strikes!


ModelSKUPackagingColorPackage CountBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
PB PADDLE FROG 3.9 BLACK1548403BagBlack43.9in | 10cmFrog$9.99
PB PADDLE FROG 3.9 CHART/WHITE1548404BagChartreuse/White43.9in | 10cmFrog$9.99
PB PADDLE FROG 3.9 GRN PUMPKIN1548405BagGreen Pumpkin43.9in | 10cmFrog$9.99
PB PADDLE FROG 3.9 WRFPB1548406BagWatermelon Red Fleck Pearl Belly43.9in | 10cmFrog$9.99


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