PowerBait 4” Buzz N Speed Toad

  • Unique serrated feet design that creates turbulence
  • Belly slot has an extended leading edge that keeps the bait from sliding up the hook
  • Deadly on Bass, Barra and Cod
  • Available in four colours
  • Rig on an Owner Beast worm hook for best results

FROM RRP. $9.99



The PowerBait Buzz n Speed Toad adds a whole new dimension to the PowerBait family of baits with its unique leg design. Creating strike-provoking water disturbance, the Buzz N Speed Toad’s serrated feet design cut the water’s surface in a way fish can’t resist at speed. There’s nothing better than heart stopping explosions, and with the Buzz N Speed Toad’s inbuilt PowerBait scent formula you know they’ll not only bite but hang on!


ModelSKUPackagingColorPackage CountBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
PB BUZZ N SPEED TOAD BLACK1552991BagBlack44.25in | 11cmToad$9.99
PB BUZZ N SPEED TOAD CHART/WHITE1552992BagChartreuse/White44.25in | 11cmToad$9.99
PB BUZZ N SPEED TOAD GRN PUMPKIN1552993BagGreen Pumpkin44.25in | 11cmToad$9.99
PB BUZZ N SPEED TOAD WTRMLN RDFLK PRLBLY1552994BagWatermelon Red Fleck Pearl Belly44.25in | 11cmToad$9.99


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