Powerbait Gilly

  • Unbelievably natural presentation in shape, color, and action.
  • Hollow head allows for easy crushing on strikes and helps orient the bait in an upright posture when swimming.
  • Jam-packed with PowerBait flavour to ensure you have the chance to set the hook on every bite.
  • Perfect for species such as barramundi, flathead and Murray cod.

FROM RRP. $12.99



The PowerBait Gilly is a Japanese influenced design with an unbelievably natural presentation in shape, colour, and action. The hollow head allows for easy crushing on strikes and helps to orient the bait in an upright posture when swimming. Rig sideways with weightless worm hook rigging, vertically with a jighead, on through head for a Line-through treble stinger hook option. Jam-packed with PowerBait flavour, it ensures you have the best chance to set the hook on every bite! The profile is perfect for targeting Australian species such as bass, Murray cod, flathead, mulloway and barramundi.


ModelSKUPackagingColorPackage CountBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
PWRBAIT GILLY 90MM HD SNFSH1546051Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Sunfish490mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 90MM HD BLGIL1546052Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Bluegill490mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 90MM HDPMPKN1546053Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Pumpkinseed490mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 90MM HD WRMTH1546054Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Warmouth490mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 90MM HDCRPPIE1546055Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Crappie490mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 90MM HDYLPRCH1546056Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Yellow Perch490mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 110MM HDSNFS1546063Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Sunfish3110mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 110MM HDBLG1546064Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Bluegill3110mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 110MM HDPMKN1546065Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Pumpkinseed3110mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 110MM HDWRMT1546066Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Warmouth3110mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 110MM HDCRPE1546067Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Crappie3110mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 110MM HDYLP1546068Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Yellow Perch3110mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 130MM HDSNFS1546075Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Sunfish2130mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 130MM HDBLGL1546076Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Bluegill2130mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 130MM HDPMKN1546077Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Pumpkinseed2130mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 130MM HDWRMT1546078Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Warmouth2130mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 130MM HDCRPE1546079Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Crappie2130mmGilly12.99
PWRBAIT GILLY 130MM HDYLP1546080Plastic Clam/BlisterHD Yellow Perch2130mmGilly12.99


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