• Great range of realistic and proven colours
  • High quality Owner trebles and split rings
  • Designed by Adam Royter a popular and successful Australian angler
  • Performs in both fresh and saltwater
  • Weighs 3.7 grams and 4.8cm in length
  • Specifically designed for surface luring


This classic surface profiled lure is one that you might have seen before but I guarantee you will never have worked a lure like this before! The Scum Dog is the easiest ‘walk the dog lure’ we have ever used…. full stop!! Some of the popular lures in this category are every hard to get ‘walking’ – and if you change the action just a bit, you lose it and get no action at all. Not with the Scum Dog. This is the perfect bream, whiting, bass, estuary perch and trout sized surface lure. At 48mm and now the new 68mm size, the Scumdog has you covered for all situations So, whether you’re trying to tempt a bream out of cover or mimicking a spasmodic prawn along a weed edge, the Scum Dog has your size, shape and color covered from all angles. The 3B Scumdog series comes with OWNER #14 ST36BC trebles & #0 P04 Ring.


SCUM DOG 48 HOOCHHooch3.7g
SCUM DOG 48 MONGRELMongrel3.7g
SCUM DOG 48 TIGER STICKTiger Stick3.7g
SCUM DOG 68 HOOCHHooch6.4g
SCUM DOG 68 MONGRELMongrel6.4g
SCUM DOG 68 TIGER STICKTiger Stick6.4g


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