Slurp 120

  • Larger volume body suits a wide variety of water surface conditions
  • Super tough full wire through construction
  • Easy to operate walk the dog action to induce explosive strikes
  • Well suited to targeting a wide variety of larger salt and freshwater species
  • Fitted with high quality Owner ST-66TN trebles and Hyperwire rings
  • Available in 8 great colours

FROM RRP. $27.99



Berkley Pro-Tech Slurp 120mm is the new big brother of the 65mm and 85mm Slurp models with a couple of key upgrades to make it ready to take on the toughest fish that swim in rivers and estuaries. Built with full wire through construction and fitted with Owner ST-66TN hooks and Hyperwire rings to ensure big fish stay connected. The Pro-Tech Slurp 120 is super easy to walk and has the volume and bulk to swim confidently in windier conditions as well as smooth water. This bait was built with larger species like barra in mind and is the perfect addition to the lure collection for your next trip to the top end or hunting that meter long flathead in the shallows.



ModelSKUColour Length TypeHooks Weight DepthRRP
PRO-TECH SLURP 120MM RED MELON1576717Red Melon120mmSurfaceOwner ST-66TN31g0m$27.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 120MM MIDNIGHT TIGER1576718Midnight Tiger120mmSurfaceOwner ST-66TN31g0m$27.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 120MM BLACK AMBER1576719Black Amber120mmSurfaceOwner ST-66TN31g0m$27.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 120MM PEACH FACE PEARL1576720Peach Face Pearl120mmSurfaceOwner ST-66TN31g0m$27.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 120MM HOLO MULLET1576721Holo Mullet120mmSurfaceOwner ST-66TN31g0m$27.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 120MM PEARL CHART1576722Pearl Chart120mmSurfaceOwner ST-66TN31g0m$27.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 120MM FOOLS GOLD1576723Fools Gold120mmSurfaceOwner ST-66TN31g0m$27.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 120MM MANGROVE GREEN1576724Mangrove Green120mmSurfaceOwner ST-66TN31g0m$27.99


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