Whiplash PE

Berkley Whiplash is constructed utilising a special formula creating a strong durable braid thanks to the use of 100% Micro Dyneema fibres. This results in a hardwearing and smooth casting braid suitable for many applications. Berkley Whiplash is an established favourite with anglers around the world being very angler friendly, robust and still with an extremely low diameter constructed using 100% Micro Dyneema fibres. A great Superline for using on fixed spool or multiplier reels. Berkley Whiplash can be used for many styles of fishing, whether it’s as a mainline for casting extreme distances or spinning with light lures, Berkley Whiplash is a very versatile braid.



• Tight Weaved Micro Dyneema construction
• Ultra Fine Diameter, smooth and non abrasive
• Low Stretch and ultra thin diameter
• Supreme casting
• 100% Micro Dyneema Fibres
• Great Knot Strength


EWLVS06-22 WHIP 0.06MM 20LB 300M GRN20lb300mDARK GREEN0.06mm
EWLVS10-22 WHIP 0.10MM 30LB 300M GRN30lb300mDARK GREEN0.10mm
EWLVS18-22 WHIP 0.18MM 50LB 300M GRN50lb300mDARK GREEN0.18mm
EWLVS20-22 WHIP 0.20MM 65LB 300M GRN65lb300mDARK GREEN0.20mm
EWLVS25-22 WHIP 0.25MM 80LB 250M GRN80lb250mDARK GREEN0.20mm
EWLVS28-22 WHIP 0.28MM 100LB 220M GRN100lb220mDARK GREEN0.28mm
EWLBS06-22 WHIP 0.06MM 20LB 2000M GRN20lb2000mDARK GREEN0.06mm
EWLBS10-22 WHIP 0.10MM 30LB 2000M GRN30lb2000mDARK GREEN0.10mm
EWLBS18-22 WHIP 0.18MM 50LB 2000M GRN50lb2000mDARK GREEN0.18mm
EWLBS20-22 WHIP 0.20MM 65LB 2000M GRN65lb2000mDARK GREEN0.20mm
EWLBS25-22 WHIP 0.25MM 80LB 2000M GRN80lb2000mDARK GREEN0.25mm
EWLBS28-22 WHIP 0.28MM 100LB 2000M GRN100lb2000mDARK GREEN0.28mm
EWLBS30-22 WHIP 0.30MM 150LB 2000M GRN150lb2000mDARK GREEN0.30mm
EWLBS35-22 WHIP 0.35MM 200LB 2000M GRN200lb2000mDARK GREEN0.35mm


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