how to use gulp! gel with jigs

– Zane Levett

When fishing lures for species that have the reputation of being smart and cunning, scent can make the day turn from all zeros to holding a true trophy out to the camera. The Gulp! scent has been a game changer in the way I fish for snapper because it opens up the possibilities of fishing different lure styles while being able to implement the same scent as a trusty Gulp! soft plastic. The thick and sticky Gulp! Gel is able to stick to most lures, this makes it possible to fish it on lures like metal jigs while also staying on longer so when fishing deeper water you can be sure that it is still working its magic in the bite zone.

Fishing jigs I have two combos that I rig up, one that is a short slow pitch rod PE1-3 range that is matched up with an overhead reel around the 8-12 size range and while running a 30-50lb leader, on this combo I fish my slow pitch jigs like the Berkley Skid jig as well as the heavier Berkley Kachi Kachi jigs (over 80 grams). The other combo is a spinning outfit that I can double up as a soft plastic setup that I fish the lighter Kachi Kachi jigs (60 grams and less) and soft plastics. The spinning outfits that I use for chasing snapper is a spinning outfit in the size 4000 to 5000 range paired up with a rod ranging from 5kg to 8kg while running 16 -30lb leader depending on the structure on the bottom.

When I apply the Gulp! Gel to jigs such as the Berkley Kachi Kachi or the Berkley Skid Jig I use enough to cover the entirety of the lure while placing it on the areas that will be able to hold the scent the longest. For the Kachi Kachi I put the majority of it on the tentacles as well as on the soft plastic that I run as the trailer and lastly a small amount in the hole that the main line runs through. When applying the Gulp! scent onto the Skid Jig, I smear the scent onto the main body while focusing it onto both the assist cord as well as the corners.

There are two ways I go about working the scented-up lures. Firstly, just using the lure as normal and secondly, just keeping the rod in a holder allowing the scent to work its magic. The motion of the boat rocking up and down while drifting and covering ground rings the dinner bell for snapper. Once I locate snapper and have them actively feeding my goal is to keep lures in the water constantly to give off the effect of a feeding frenzy, by using the Gulp! Gel it makes the bite time last longer.

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