Gulp! 3″ & 4″ Minnow

  • Available in four new great colours
  • Slender baitfish styled body shape
  • Built from the proven Gulp! formula
  • Erratic darting action that fish cannot resist

FROM RRP. $11.99



The Berkley Gulp! Minnow is without a doubt one of the most versatile bait shapes that consistently catches fish in fresh and saltwater across the globe. The Gulp! Minnow’s slender body and forked tail produces a life like darting action which is exhibited by many types of small schooling baitfish. Add in four new vibrant colours and this little baitfish profile is just the ticket to tempt fussy biters on your next trip.


SKUDescriptionSizeBait ShapeColourRRP
1199463GMI3-BPW GULP MINNOW 3IN BANANA PRAWN YN3IN | 7.5CMMinnowBanana Prawn$11.99
1105007GMI3-CS GULP MNOW CHART SHAD 3IN LD3IN | 7.5CMMinnowChartreuse Shad$11.99
1595936GSMI3-GREHF SW MNW 3IN GREHAZFLEC3IN | 7.5CMMinnowGreen Haze Fleck$11.99
1128654GSMI3-NCH GULP SW 3IN MNW NUC CHICKEN SX3IN | 7.5CMMinnowNuclear Chicken$11.99
1140555GMI3-PP GULP 3IN MINNOW PEPPERD PRAWN YM3IN | 7.5CMMinnowPeppered Prawn$11.99
1199467GMI3-PIL GULP MINNOW 3IN PILCHARD AAO3IN | 7.5CMMinnowPilchard$11.99
1113652GMI3-PS GULP MNOW PSEED 3IN 763IN | 7.5CMMinnowPumpkinseed$11.99
1105008GMI3-RBO GULP MNOW RAINBOW 3IN IH3IN | 7.5CMMinnowRainbow$11.99
1595934GSMI3-RBT SW MNW 3IN RAINBOW TRT3IN | 7.5CMMinnowRainbow Trout$11.99
1105005GMI3-SMLT GULP MNOW SMELT PK 3IN3IN | 7.5CMMinnowSmelt$11.99
1595935GSMI3-STRYN SW MNW 3IN STRYNGT3IN | 7.5CMMinnowStarry Night$11.99
1595937GSMI3-VIOHF SW MNW 3IN VIOHAZEFLEC3IN | 7.5CMMinnowViolet Haze Fleck$11.99
1130689GMI3-WMPR GULP MNW 3IN WATERMLN PEARL WI3IN | 7.5CMMinnowWatermelon Pearl$11.99
1199464GMI4-BPW GULP MINNOW 4IN BANANA PRAWN YN4IN | 10CMMinnowBanana Prawn$11.99
1115862GMI4-CS GULP MNOW 4IN CHARTREUSE SHAD LD4IN | 10CMMinnowChartreuse Shad$11.99
1226047GMI4-FT GULP MINNOW 4IN FIRETIGER 294IN | 10CMMinnowFiretiger$11.99
1595940GSMI4-GREHF SW MNW 4IN GREHAZFLEC4IN | 10CMMinnowGreen Haze Fleck$11.99
1128660GSMI4-LTG GULP SW 4IN MNW LIMETIGRGLO SW4IN | 10CMMinnowLime Tiger Glow$11.99
1130691GMI4-NP GULP MINNOW 4IN NEW PENNY IR4IN | 10CMMinnowNew Penny$11.99
1128659GSMI4-NCH GULP SW 4IN MNW NUC CHICKEN SX4IN | 10CMMinnowNuclear Chicken$11.99
1115864GMI4-PSL GULP MINNOW 4IN PRL SILVER PE4IN | 10CMMinnowPearl Silver$11.99
1140556GMI4-PP GULP 4IN MINNOW PEPPERD PRAWN YM4IN | 10CMMinnowPeppered Prawn$11.99
1199468GMI4-PIL GULP MINNOW 4IN PILCHARD AAO4IN | 10CMMinnowPilchard$11.99
1128658GSMI4-PS GULP SW 4IN MNW PUMPKINSEED 764IN | 10CMMinnowPumpkinseed$11.99
1595938GSMI4-RBT SW MNW 4IN RAINBOW TRT4IN | 10CMMinnowRainbow Trout$11.99
1115860GMI4-SMLT GULP MINNOW 4IN SMELT PK4IN | 10CMMinnowSmelt$11.99
1595939GSMI4-STRYN SW MNW 4IN STRYNGT4IN | 10CMMinnowStarry Night$11.99
1595941GSMI4-VIOHF SW MNW 4IN VIOHAZEFLEC4IN | 10CMMinnowViolet Haze Fleck$11.99
1130692GMI4-WMPR GULP MNW 4IN WATERMLN PEARL WI4IN | 10CMMinnowWatermelon Pearl$11.99


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