Gulp! 3”, 4”, 5” & 6.5” Nemesis

  • Four new translucent metallic colours
  • Slender minnow style body
  • Fine extra action curl tail
  • Built from the scientifically developed Gulp! formula

FROM RRP. $11.99



2023 sees four hot new translucent metallic colours added to the Berkley Gulp! 5” Nemesis line up. These new colours combined with a slender body that gets down fast, a hyperactive curl tail that’s always working overtime and the proven Gulp! formula ensure you have the perfect bait to Catch More Fish!


ModelSKUPackagingColorPackage CountBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
GSNM3-C GL NEMESIS 3IN CAMO1371848BagCamo103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM3-NCH GULP NEMESIS 3IN NUCLR CHICKEN1504731BagNuclear Chicken103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM3-PWML GL NEMESIS 3IN PEARL W/MELON1371869BagPearl Watermelon103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM3-SMLT NEMESIS 3IN SMELT1371870BagSmelt103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS3-PS NEMESIS 3IN PUMPKINSEED1371847BagPumpkinseed103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM4-C GL NEMESIS 4IN CAMO1344571BagCamo64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM4-FT NEMESIS 4IN FIRETIGER1344572BagFiretiger64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM4-GLP NEMESIS 4IN GLITTER PINK1352030BagGlitter Pink64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM4-PP NEMESIS 4IN PEPPER PRAWN1344573BagPeppered Prawn64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM4-PS NEMESIS 4IN PUMPKINSEED1352029BagPumpkinseed64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM4-PWML GL NEMESIS 4IN PEARL WTRMLN1344570BagPearl Watermelon64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS4-BPN GL NEMESIS 4IN BL PEPPER NEON1344569BagBlue Pepper Neon64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS4-NCH GL NEMESIS 4IN NUCLEAR CHICKN1344568BagNuclear Chicken64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-BPN GULP NEMESIS 5IN BLU PEPR NEON1551606BagBlue Pepper Neon55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-NP GULP NEMESIS 5IN NEW PENNY1551605BagNew Penny55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-NCH GULP NEMESIS 5IN NUCLEAR CHKN1551606BagNuclear Chicken55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-PW GULP NEMESIS 5IN PEARL WHITE1551607BagPearl White55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-PIL GULP NEMESIS 5IN PILCHARD1551608BagPilchard55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-PSH GULP NEMESIS 5IN PINK SHINE1551609BagPink Shine55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-VIOHF GULP NEMESIS 5IN VIOHAZEFLEC1595946BagViolet Haze Fleck55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-OCSFT GULP NEMESIS 5IN OCEANSHIFT1595947BagOcean Shift55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-BLUHF GULP NEMESIS 5IN BLUHAZFLEC1595948BagBlue Haze Fleck55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-GREHF GULP NEMESIS 5IN GREHAZFLEC1595949BagGreen Haze Fleck55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM6.5-PWML GULP NEMESIS 6.5IN PRLWRMLN1504727Wide BagPearl Watermelon Glow56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM6.5-OPNT GLP NEMESIS 6.5IN OPEN NGHT1370545Wide BagOpening Night56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS6.5-BPN GL NEMESIS 6.5IN BLUPPRNE1286190Wide BagBlue Pepper Neon56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS6.5-NCH GL NEMESIS 6.5IN NUC CHIX1286188Wide BagNuclear Chicken56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS6.5-PSH GL NEMESIS 6.5IN PK SHINE1286189Wide BagPink Shine56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS6.5-WG GL NEMESIS 6.5IN WHT GLOW1286191Wide BagWhite Glow56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99


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