Gulp! 3”, 4”, 5” & 6.5” Nemesis

  • Minnow style body
  • Fine extra action curl tail
  • Built from the scientifically developed Gulp! formula

FROM RRP. $11.99



The New Berkley Gulp! 5” Nemesis was a special request from our Berkley Pro Team and could just be the perfect size bait for targeting big fish. A new size that slots a gap in in the proven Nemesis lineup, its slender body gets down fast with the Nemesis tail always working when it’s moving forward in the water column. Whether your chasing monster flathead or big reds offshore, the Gulp! 5” Nemesis will fast become a formidable bait in your box.


ModelSKUPackagingColorPackage CountBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
GSNM3-BLFZ GULP NEMESIS 3IN BLU FUZE1504730BagBlue Fuze103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM3-C GL NEMESIS 3IN CAMO1371848BagCamo103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM3-FT GULP NEMESIS 3IN FIRETIGER1504732BagFiretiger103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM3-NCH GULP NEMESIS 3IN NUCLR CHICKEN1504731BagNuclear Chicken103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM3-PP NEMESIS 3IN PEPPER PRAWN1371872BagPeppered Prawn103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM3-PWML GL NEMESIS 3IN PEARL W/MELON1371869BagPearl Watermelon103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM3-SMLT NEMESIS 3IN SMELT1371870BagSmelt103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS3-PS NEMESIS 3IN PUMPKINSEED1371847BagPumpkinseed103in | 8cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM4-C GL NEMESIS 4IN CAMO1344571BagCamo64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM4-FT NEMESIS 4IN FIRETIGER1344572BagFiretiger64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM4-GLP NEMESIS 4IN GLITTER PINK1352030BagGlitter Pink64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM4-PP NEMESIS 4IN PEPPER PRAWN1344573BagPeppered Prawn64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM4-PS NEMESIS 4IN PUMPKINSEED1352029BagPumpkinseed64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM4-PWML GL NEMESIS 4IN PEARL WTRMLN1344570BagPearl Watermelon64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS4-BPN GL NEMESIS 4IN BL PEPPER NEON1344569BagBlue Pepper Neon64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS4-CGS NEMESIS 4IN CLR GRN SIL1378068BagClear Green Silver64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS4-CLPH NEMESIS 4IN CLR LAV PRL HOL1378069BagClear Lavender Pearl Holo64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS4-CPSMR NEMESIS 4IN CLR PURP SHMR1378070BagClear Purple Shimmer64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS4-NCH GL NEMESIS 4IN NUCLEAR CHICKN1344568BagNuclear Chicken64in | 10cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-BPN GULP NEMESIS 5IN BLU PEPR NEON1551606BagBlue Pepper Neon55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-NP GULP NEMESIS 5IN NEW PENNY1551605BagNew Penny55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-NCH GULP NEMESIS 5IN NUCLEAR CHKN1551606BagNuclear Chicken55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-PW GULP NEMESIS 5IN PEARL WHITE1551607BagPearl White55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-PIL GULP NEMESIS 5IN PILCHARD1551608BagPilchard55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM5-PSH GULP NEMESIS 5IN PINK SHINE1551609BagPink Shine55in | 13cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM6.5-PWML GULP NEMESIS 6.5IN PRLWRMLN1504727Wide BagPearl Watermelon Glow56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM6.5-BLFZ GULP NEMESIS 6.5IN BLU FUZE1504728Wide BagBlue Fuze56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM6.5-FT GULP NEMESIS 6.5IN PRL FRTGR1504729Wide BagFiretiger56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99
GSNM6.5-OPNT GLP NEMESIS 6.5IN OPEN NGHT1370545Wide BagOpening Night56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS6.5-BPN GL NEMESIS 6.5IN BLUPPRNE1286190Wide BagBlue Pepper Neon56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS6.5-NCH GL NEMESIS 6.5IN NUC CHIX1286188Wide BagNuclear Chicken56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS6.5-PSH GL NEMESIS 6.5IN PK SHINE1286189Wide BagPink Shine56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99
GSNMS6.5-WG GL NEMESIS 6.5IN WHT GLOW1286191Wide BagWhite Glow56.5in | 17cmNemesis$11.99


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