Gulp!® Minnow Grub

  • Features a robust body profile to mimic every baitfish
  • Designed with an oversize flickering curly tail that fish cannot resist
  • Perfect for all estuary and freshwater situations
  • Built from the proven Gulp!® formula for maximum scent dispersion
  • Available in four new fresh colours

FROM RRP. $11.99



The Berkley® Gulp!® 3” Minnow Grub features a versatile curl tail design that produces an irresistible action even at the slowest of speeds.
With its plump body construction and oversize tail, the Gulp!® 3” Minnow replicates any baitfish that swims and can be used to target fresh and saltwater species in a range of angling environments.
Whether it be slow rolling alongside timber snags in the impoundments, or jigging it across weed beds in the estuaries, this bait is the ultimate curl tail presentation to have in the tackle box.
With four fresh colours added to the range, the Gulp!® 3” Minnow Grub is sure to catch you more fish than ever before.


ModelSKUPackagingColourPackage CountBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
GMG2-BPW GULP MNW GRB 2IN BANA PRWN YN1199460BagBanana Prawn202in | 5cmGrub$11.99
GMG2-C GULP 2IN MINNOW GRUB CAMO 141140552BagCamo202in | 5cmGrub$11.99
GMG2-PS GULP MNW GRUB PSEED 2IN 761092939BagPumpkinseed202in | 5cmGrub$11.99
GMIG3-BL GULP MINNOW GRUB 3IN BLACK 021129137BagBlack113in | 8cmGrub$11.99
GMIG3-BPW GULP MNW GRB 3IN BANA PRWN YN1199461BagBanana Prawn113in | 8cmGrub$11.99
GMIG3-C GULP 3IN MINNOW GRUB CAMO 141140554BagCamo113in | 8cmGrub$11.99
GMIG3-PP GULP MNW GRUB 3IN PPR PRWN YM1224810BagPeppered Prawn113in | 8cmGrub$11.99
GMIG3-PS GULP MINNOW GRUB 3IN PSEED 761129142BagPumpkinseed113in | 8cmGrub$11.99
GMIG3-WM GULP MINNOW GRUB 3IN WTRMLN 161129144BagWatermelon113in | 8cmGrub$11.99
MSMG3-NCH GULP MINNOW GRUB 3IN NUCLR CKN1504726BagNuclear Chicken113in | 8cmGrub$11.99
GSMIG3-SMUL GULP SW MNW GRUB 3IN SLVRMLT1562579BagSilver Mullet113in | 8cmGrub$11.99
GSMIG3-PKBS GULP SW MNW GRUB 3IN PNKBSRM1562580BagPink Belly Shrimp113in | 8cmGrub$11.99
GSMIG3-OBS GULP SW MNW GRUB 3IN ORGBSHRM1562581BagOrange Belly Shrimp113in | 8cmGrub$11.99
GSMIG3-OPNT GULP SW MNW GRUB 3IN OPNNGHT1562582BagOpening Night113in | 8cmGrub$11.99


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