Powerbait Craw

  • Control surfaces on pincers produce a unique action
  • Lifelike crayfish outline
  • Available two sizes and in six colours
  • Built from the proven PowerBait formula

FROM RRP. $9.99



The PowerBait Craw is a unique design developed by Berkley engineers that has built in pressure control services on the pincers that generate a strong swimming action as it sinks. Combine this with a lifelike crayfish profile in two sizes and six great colours you have a recipe to Catch More Fish! Whether its fresh or saltwater, the PowerBait Craw is a standout performer.


ModelSKUPackagingColourBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
PB 2.5" CRAW PUMPKINSEED1569227BagPumpkinseed2.5in | 6.5cmCraw$9.99
PB 2.5" CRAW BLACK UV1569228BagBlack UV2.5in | 6.5cmCraw$9.99
PB 2.5" CRAW CAMO1569269BagCamo2.5in | 6.5cmCraw$9.99
PB 2.5" CRAW HOUDINI1569270BagHoudini2.5in | 6.5cmCraw$9.99
PB 2.5" CRAW BLOODWORM1569271BagBloodworm2.5in | 6.5cmCraw$9.99
PB 2.5" CRAW CAPPUCCINO1569272BagCappuccino2.5in | 6.5cmCraw$9.99
PB 3.5" CRAW PUMPKINSEED1569273BagPumpkinseed3.5in | 9cmCraw$9.99
PB 3.5" CRAW BLACK UV1569274BagBlack UV3.5in | 9cmCraw$9.99
PB 3.5" CRAW CAMO1569275BagCamo3.5in | 9cmCraw$9.99
PB 3.5" CRAW HOUDINI1569276BagHoudini3.5in | 9cmCraw$9.99
PB 3.5" CRAW BLOODWORM1569277BagBloodworm3.5in | 9cmCraw$9.99
PB 3.5" CRAW CAPPUCINO1569278BagCappuccino3.5in | 9cmCraw$9.99


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