PowerBait 2”, 3”, 4” & 5″ Shrimp

  • New 5” size for targeting larger predators
  • Life-like antennas and tail
  • Scientifically developed legless profile
  • Natural tail action
  • Available is six colours
  • Also available in sizes, 2”, 3”, 4”

FROM RRP. $9.99



The Berkley PowerBait Shrimp was born out of findings from Berkley’s Fish Research Labs in Spirit Lake, USA. The R&D team tested many shrimp profile variations and discovered that fish attacked offerings with no legs far more than those that had legs. Hence, the new PowerBait Shrimp has no legs for a good reason – fish prefer it that way.
Forward facing antennas help stabilise the bait for a natural shrimp action, which when combined with a range of six great colours, the new larger 5” size as well as the winning PowerBait scent formula leads to you catching more larger fish. Available in a range of six great colours, 2”, 3”, 4″ & 5” sizes


ModelSKUPackagingColorPackage CountBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
PB 2IN SHRIMP PINK GLITTER1552443BagPink Glitter82in | 5cmShrimp$9.99
PB 2IN SHRIMP HOUDINI1552444BagHoudini82in | 5cmShrimp$9.99
PB 2IN SHRIMP DISCO VIOLET1552445BagDisco Violet82in | 5cmShrimp$9.99
PB 2IN SHRIMP BLUE SHINER GOLD1552446BagBlue Shiner Gold82in | 5cmShrimp$9.99
PB 2IN SHRIMP CAMO1552447BagCamo82in | 5cmShrimp$9.99
PB 2IN SHRIMP BLOODWORM1552448BagBloodworm82in | 5cmShrimp$9.99
PB 3IN SHRIMP PINK GLITTER1552449BagPink Glitter53in | 8cmShrimp$9.99
PB 3IN SHRIMP HOUDINI1552450BagHoudini53in | 8cmShrimp$9.99
PB 3IN SHRIMP DISCO VIOLET1552451BagDisco Violet53in | 8cmShrimp$9.99
PB 3IN SHRIMP BLUE SHINER GOLD1552452BagBlue Shiner Gold53in | 8cmShrimp$9.99
PB 3IN SHRIMP CAMO1552453BagCamo53in | 8cmShrimp$9.99
PB 3IN SHRIMP BLOODWORM1552454BagBloodworm53in | 8cmShrimp$9.99
PB 4IN SHRIMP PINK GLITTER1552455BagPink Glitter44in | 10cmShrimp$9.99
PB 4IN SHRIMP HOUDINI1552456BagHoudini44in | 10cmShrimp$9.99
PB 4IN SHRIMP DISCO VIOLET1552457BagDisco Violet44in | 10cmShrimp$9.99
PB 4IN SHRIMP BLUE SHINER GOLD1552458BagBlue Shiner Gold44in | 10cmShrimp$9.99
PB 4IN SHRIMP CAMO1552459BagCamo44in | 10cmShrimp$9.99
PB 4IN SHRIMP BLOODWORM1552460BagBloodworm44in | 10cmShrimp$9.99
PB 5IN SHRIMP PINK GLITTER1595052BagPink Glitter35in | 13cmShrimp$9.99
PB 5IN SHRIMP HOUDINI1595053BagHoudini35in | 13cmShrimp$9.99
PB 5IN SHRIMP DISCO VIOLET1595054BagDisco Violet35in | 13cmShrimp$9.99
PB 5IN SHRIMP BLUE SHINER GOLD1595055BagBlue Shiner Gold35in | 13cmShrimp$9.99
PB 5IN SHRIMP CAMO1595056BagCamo35in | 13cmShrimp$9.99
PB 5IN SHRIMP BLOODWORM1595057BagBloodworm35in | 13cmShrimp$9.99


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