Gulp!® Shrimp

  • Gulp releases 400 times more scent than plastic baits.
  • Gulp is available in a huge range of shapes and sizes.
  • Gulp has been proven effective on just about every Australian species of fish.

FROM RRP. $11.99



The Gulp! Shrimp is arguably the most popular tournament bream soft bait in Australia, the reason is simple, they work! A huge colour range is available to cover all situations from natural Camo and Banana Prawn to hi vis Nuclear Chicken and Lime tiger and everything in between.

Just about all fish love to eat prawns, the Gulp! Shrimp is a perfect choice to take advantage of this fact. They can be fished in many different ways using different Nitro jig heads depending on the situation and the target species. Fish them on the bottom with short sharp jerks to imitate a fleeing prawn, lightly weighted for fishing structure such as boats and pontoons, unweighted over sand flats and weedbeds.

Fish eat Gulp! Shrimp on the drop, dead sticked on the bottom, suspended midwater and on flicking, darting retrieves, they just love ‘em. Available in 2”, 3” and 4” the target species range from bream and flathead in the estuaries to snapper and kings on inshore reefs.

Sizes: 2″, 3″ & 4″


ModelSKUPackagingColourPackage CountBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
GSSHR2-MLT SW GULP SHRIMP 2IN MOLTING RP1115906BagMolting82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR2-NAT SW GULPSHRMP 2IN NAT SHRMP RN1115907BagNatural Shrimp82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR2-NP SW GULP SHRMP 2IN NEW PENNY IR1115908BagNew Penny82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR2-NCH SW GULP SHRMP 2IN NUC CHKN SX1121774BagNuclear Chicken82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR2-C SW GULP SHRIMP 2IN CAMO 141130823BagCamo82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR2-PP GULP SW 2IN SHRMP PEPRDPRWN YM1140544BagPeppered Prawn82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR2-BPW GULP SW 2IN SHRMP BAN PRWN YN1140546BagBanana Prawn82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR2-SG SW GULP 2IN SHRIMP SWAMP GAS1378063BagSwamp Gas82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR2-PKBS SW GULP SHRIMP 2IN PNKBLSHRP1562567BagPink Belly Shrimp82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR2-OBS SW GULP SHRIMP 2IN ORGBLSHRMP1562568BagOrange Belly Shrimp82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR2-RDBS SW GULP SHRIMP 2IN RDBLSHRMP1562569BagRed Belly Shrimp82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR2-OPNT SW GULP SHRIMP 2IN OPNNIGHT1562570BagOpening Night82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-MLT SW GULP SHRIMP 3IN MOLTING RP1109384BagMolting63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-NAT SW GULP SHRIMP 3IN RN NAT LAM1109385BagNatural Shrimp63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-NP SW GULP SHRIMP 3IN NEW PENY IR1109386BagNew Penny63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-PW SW GULP SHRIMP 3IN PRL WH BQ1109387BagPearl White63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-GL SW GULP SHRIMP 3IN GLOW DE1120298BagGlow63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-NCH SW GULP SHRMP 3IN NUC CHKN SX1121776BagNuclear Chicken63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-SSGL SWGULP SHRMP 3IN SGRSPCGL TK1130827BagSugar and Spice Glow63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-PP GULP SW 3IN SHRMP PEPRDPRWN YM1140545BagPeppered Prawn63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-BPW GULP SW 3IN SHRMP BAN PRWN YN1140547BagBanana Prawn63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-GNPW SWGULP SHRMP 3IN GRNPRWN AAK1199453BagGreen Prawn63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-PWP SW GULP SHRIMP 3IN PW/PINK1294784BagPearl White/Pink63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-PKBS SW GULP SHRIMP 3IN PNKBLSHRP1562571BagPink Belly Shrimp63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-OBS SW GULP SHRIMP 3IN ORGBLSHRMP1562572BagOrange Belly Shrimp63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-RDBS SW GULP SHRIMP 3IN RDBLSHRMP1562573BagRed Belly Shrimp63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR3-OPNT SW GULP SHRIMP 3IN OPNNIGHT1562574BagOpening Night63in | 8cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR4-MLT SW GULP SHRIMP 4IN MOLTING RP1115910BagMolting44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR4-NAT SW GULP SHRIMP 4IN NATSHMP RN1115911BagNatural Shrimp44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR4-NP SW GULP SHMP 4IN NEW PENNY IR1115912BagNew Penny44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR4-PW SW GULP SHMP 4IN PRL WHITE BQ1115913BagPearl White44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR4-NCH SW GULP SHRMP 4IN NUC CHKN SX1121778BagNuclear Chicken44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR4-SSGL SWGULP SHRMP 4IN SGRSPCGL TK1130831BagSugar and Spice Glow44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR4-GLC SW GULP SHRIMP 4IN GL/CH GW1240010BagGlow/Chartreuse44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR4-PKBS SW GULP SHRIMP 4IN PNKBLSHRP1562575BagPink Belly Shrimp44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR4-OBS SW GULP SHRIMP 4IN ORGBLSHRMP1562576BagOrange Belly Shrimp44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR4-RDBS SW GULP SHRIMP 4IN RDBLSHRMP1562577BagRed Belly Shrimp44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSSHR4-OPNT SW GULP SHRIMP 4IN OPNNIGHT1562578BagOpening Night44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99


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