Slurp 65 + 85

  • Surface walking action
  • Great castability
  • Sits tail down when paused
  • Easy to walk
  • Loud sonic rattle
  • Fitted with Owner rings and ST 36BC hooks
  • Available in 65mm and 85mm sizes
  • Available in 8 colours, with selected UV highlight models

FROM RRP. $16.99



The Pro-Tech Slurp is designed to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” when it comes to putting fish in the boat. Berkley tuned it with a rocker profile that is easy to walk or rattle with a high rod tip to produce explosive surface strikes. Both sizes feature an extra loud rattle and sit tail down at rest to entice a subtle “slurp” or an explosive take when paused. The Owner ST36 hooks are razor sharp and do not miss fish when they decide to attack. Available in 65mm and 85mm models that have proved deadly in testing on estuary surface favorites such as whiting, bream and flathead. The 65mm model is perfect when conditions are calm and glassy and the 85mm comes into its own when it gets windy and there’s plenty of ripples or small waves on the water. If you enjoy topwater fishing as much as we do, make sure you have a Slurp in your line up!



ModelSKUColourLengthTypeDepthHooksProduct WeightRRP
PRO-TECH SLURP 65MM HOOCH1546406Hooch65mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC4.2g$16.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 65MM KING SHRIMP1546402King Shrimp65mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC4.2g$16.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 65MM MONGREL1546401Mongrel65mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC4.2g$16.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 65MM OLIVE SHAD1546407Olive Shad65mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC4.2g$16.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 65MM PEACH FACE1546405Peach Face65mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC4.2g$16.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 65MM PEARL CHART1546403Pearl Chart65mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC4.2g$16.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 65MM RUSTY SHAD1546404Rusty Shad65mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC4.2g$16.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 65MM MIDNIGHT TIGER1546408Midnight Tiger65mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC4.2g$16.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 85MM HOOCH1546414Hooch85mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC9.4g$18.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 85MM KING SHRIMP1546410King Shrimp85mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC9.4g$18.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 85MM MONGREL1546409Mongrel85mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC9.4g$18.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 85MM OLIVE SHAD1546415Olive Shad85mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC9.4g$18.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 85MM PEACH FACE1546413Peach Face85mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC9.4g$18.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 85MM PEARL CHART1546411Pearl Chart85mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC9.4g$18.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 85MM RUSTY SHAD1546412Rusty Shad85mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC9.4g$18.99
PRO-TECH SLURP 85MM MIDNIGHT TIGER1546416Midnight Tiger85mmSurface0mOwner ST-36BC9.4g$18.99


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