• Slender baitfish body profile for maximum hook exposure
  • Designed for use in shallow water
  • Suspends when paused
  • Full wire through construction
  • Fitted with Owner ST-66TN hooks and Hyperwire rings
  • Available in both 100mm and 120mm sizes
  • Available in 8 colours with a mixture of UV highlights and holographic finishes

FROM RRP. $25.99



The Berkley Pro-Tech Titan Shallow features the same body design as the deep diving brother but operates at shallower depths allowing anglers to target larger fish in skinny water such as flats, rock bars or over the top of weed beds and submerged trees. It also shares the same full wire skeleton connecting the Owner ST-66TN hooks and Hyperwire rings to ensure big fish stay connected. The Pro-Tech Titan Shallow loves to be ripped and suspends perfectly when paused making it a must have in your tackle box for your next adventure.



1576677PRO-TECH TITAN 100MM S LME SPDRLime Spider100mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN13g$25.99
1576678PRO-TECH TITAN 100MM S DSTY FLSHDusty Flash100mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN13g$25.99
1576679PRO-TECH TITAN 100MM S CHT ORN PRLChart Orange Pearl100mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN13g$25.99
1576680PRO-TECH TITAN 100MM S DSRT PRCHDesert Perch100mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN13g$25.99
1576681PRO-TECH TITAN 100MM S PRPL GLMRPurple Glimmer100mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN13g$25.99
1576682PRO-TECH TITAN 100MM S GOLD RUSHGold Rush100mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN13g$25.99
1576683PRO-TECH TITAN 100MM S ORN LM SPDOrange Lime Spider100mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN13g$25.99
1576684PRO-TECH TITAN 100MM S GRY MLLTGrey Mullet100mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN13g$25.99
1576693PRO-TECH TITAN 120MM S LME SPDRLime Spider120mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN23g$28.99
1576694PRO-TECH TITAN 120MM S DSTY FLSHDusty Flash120mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN23g$28.99
1576695PRO-TECH TITAN 120MM S CHT ORN PRLChart Orange Pearl120mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN23g$28.99
1576696PRO-TECH TITAN 120MM S DSRT PRCHDesert Perch120mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN23g$28.99
1576697PRO-TECH TITAN 120MM S PRPL GLMRPurple Glimmer120mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN23g$28.99
1576698PRO-TECH TITAN 120MM S GOLD RUSHGold Rush120mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN23g$28.99
1576699PRO-TECH TITAN 120MM S ORN LM SPDOrange Lime Spider120mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN23g$28.99
1576700PRO-TECH TITAN 120MM S GRY MLLTGrey Mullet120mmSuspending Jerk0.5m - 1.2mOwner ST-66TN23g$28.99


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