• The Easy Casting Fluorocarbon
  • The best Vanish® formula ever
  • Remains clear under water – 100% fluorocarbon refracts light similar to water
  • Sinks under water – more sensitive and a more direct profile from rod tip to lure
  • Optimal Wet Strength – Non-absorbing fluorocarbon maintains strength and abrasion resistance under water
  • Flexible – Traditional fluorocarbons are stiff, Vanish is designed to be more flexible

FROM RRP. $19.99



We have been continuously improving the Vanish formula since it was introduced 15 years ago, to ensure your satisfaction. Great value 100% fluorocarbon line, Vanish is a tough and durable leader or mainline choice.


VLM6-15 VANISH LDR MATL 6LB CLR 50YD6lb45mCLEAR0.25mm$19.99
VLM8-15 VANISH LDR MATL 8LB CLR 50YD8lb45mCLEAR0.27mm$19.99
VLM10-15 VANISH LDR MATL 10LB CLR 50YD10lb45mCLEAR0.30mm$19.99
VLM15-15 VANISH LDR MATL 15LB CLR 40YD15lb36mCLEAR0.38mm$19.99
VLM20-15 VANISH LDR MATL 20LB CLR 40YD20lb36mCLEAR0.45mm$19.99
VLM25-15 VANISH LDR MATL 25LB CLR 40YD25lb36mCLEAR0.50mm$19.99
VLM30-15 VANISH LDR MATL 30LB CLR 30YD30lb27mCLEAR0.55mm$19.99
VLMC40-15 VANISH LDR MATL 40LB CLR 30YD40lb27mCLEAR0.60mm$22.99
VLMC50-15 VANISH LDR MATL 50LB CLR 30YD50lb27mCLEAR0.66mm$22.99
VLMC60-15 VANISH LDR MATL 60LB CLR 30YD60lb27mCLEAR0.73mm$22.99
VLMC80-15 VANISH LDR MATL 80LB CLR 30YD80lb27mCLEAR0.91mm$29.99
VLMC100-15 VANISH LDR MATL 100LB CLR 30Y100lb27mCLEAR1.04mm$29.99
VNFS6-15 VANISH 6LB 250YD CLR6lb228mCLEAR0.22mm$19.99
VNFS8-15 VANISH 8LB 250YD CLR8lb228mCLEAR0.25mm$19.99
VNFS10-15 VANISH 10 LB 250YD CLR10lb228mCLEAR0.27mm$22.99
VNFS12-15 VANISH 12LB 250YD CLR12lb228mCLEAR0.30mm$22.99
VNFS14-15 VANISH 14LB 250YD CLR14lb228mCLEAR0.33mm$22.99
VNFS17-15 VANISH 17LB 250YD CLR17lb228mCLEAR0.38mm$22.99
VNFS20-15 VANISH 20LB 250YD CLR20lb228mCLEAR0.40mm$22.99


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