Winning tournaments with the Shimma Pro-Rig

As a self-proclaimed tackle addict that has worked in the fishing industry for 16 years, my standards are incredibly high when it comes to whether a new lure will join the ranks of my existing tried and true arsenal. In fact, my standards are so high a lure needs to impress before it even goes anywhere near the water. I need to know its hook quality is second to none and its durability won’t let me down after only a handful of fish. If it ticks both these boxes, I’ll give it a field test to make sure it has an action I can be confident in and finally, it needs to have an impressive range of colours to ensure I’m prepared for whatever the day throws at me. Only then will it earn its place in my tackle box.

The new Shimma Pro-Rig from Berkley not only meets all of these standards, it blows them out of the water! Running 3X strong, needle sharp Owner STX trebles straight of the packet, I knew hook quality was a non-issue, and being moulded from one of the most durable rubbers out there, Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), meant the Shimma Pro-Rig would be capable of coping some serious abuse (I’ve already caught over 40 fish on one lure with no signs of stopping!). Out on the water, I was really impressed with its semi-tight action that was tight enough withstand the currents of our fast-flowing northern waters, but still had enough vibration to really grab the fish’s attention. Colourways ranged from bright and vibrant to subtle and natural. With water clarity in the Top End being all over the place, there is a colour in the range to suit every scenario. My personal favourites have been the more natural Olive Glitter for clearer water and the Green Neon or Silver Chartreuse for the dirty stuff.

Size wise, my favourite so far has been the 6.5-inch model, but when a shallow, slower presentation is needed I won’t hesitate to run the 4.5-inch model. There’s even a 5.5-inch model so you really have all bases covered. Most of our success has come from just a simple slow roll back to the boat, which I find really gets the Shimma Pro-Rig’s inbuilt action going and getting those fish fired up.

The Shimma Pro-Rig has already landed me seven fish over the magic metre mark in the short time I’ve had the pleasure of using it. This new kid on the block has even proven itself against the stiff competition of the Barra Classic and Barra Nationals, with over 70% of our fish coming from this one lure!

By Shane Compain – Berkley Pro Team

There is certain fish that don’t come along often. We know what they are. Big mulloway, 90cm+ flathead, 120cm barra. Often termed ‘unicorns’ in their class,