Bazz Bait 80

  • Great castability
  • Erratic suspending action
  • Fitted with Owner rings and ST56TN hooks
  • Available in 8 colours, with selected UV highlight models

FROM RRP. $20.99



Barramundi demand the ultimate in strength and performance from any lures that come their way. With this in mind, the Berkley team set out to build a Barra lure that not just has an incredible suspending, bite-inducing action but is also fitted with super tough hardware to handle the rigors of battle. The Pro-Tech Bazz Bait features Owner rings and ST56TN heavy duty hooks to tame the nastiest of chrome beasts. Slow roll it, or twitch and pause it to provoke knee-trembling strikes. Be warned, you better hang on!



1546393PRO-TECH BAZZ BAIT 80MM PINK SHRIMPPink Shrimp80mmSuspending2.5m - 3.0mOwner ST-56TN13.2g$20.99
1546394PRO-TECH BAZZ BAIT 80MM BREEN SHRIMPBreen Shrimp80mmSuspending2.5m - 3.0mOwner ST-56TN13.2g$20.99
1546395PRO-TECH BAZZ BAIT 80MM MOSS SHADMoss Shad80mmSuspending2.5m - 3.0mOwner ST-56TN13.2g$20.99
1546396PRO-TECH BAZZ BAIT 80MM PURPLE GLIMMERPurple Glimmer80mmSuspending2.5m - 3.0mOwner ST-56TN13.2g$20.99
1546397PRO-TECH BAZZ BAIT 80MM NATURALNatural80mmSuspending2.5m - 3.0mOwner ST-56TN13.2g$20.99
1546398PRO-TECH BAZZ BAIT 80MM CRYSTAL SHRIMPCrystal Shrimp80mmSuspending2.5m - 3.0mOwner ST-56TN13.2g$20.99
1546399PRO-TECH BAZZ BAIT 80MM RED SHADRed Shad80mmSuspending2.5m - 3.0mOwner ST-56TN13.2g$20.99
1546400PRO-TECH BAZZ BAIT 80MM LIME TIGER PEARLLime Tiger Pearl80mmSuspending2.5m - 3.0mOwner ST-56TN13.2g$20.99


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