Vibe 60

  • Great castability
  • Vibrating action
  • Swims on the drop
  • Fitted with Owner rings and ST36BC hooks
  • Available in 8 colours, with selected UV highlight models

FROM RRP. $20.99



When Berkley set out to design the Pro-Tech Vibe they were looking to create a bait that not only has a strong vibrating action on the lift but also a lure that shimmied on the drop. Many species love to attack a lure that’s swimming seductively down through the water column and the Pro-Tech 60 vibe does this extremely well. Combine this action with a unique sonic rattle and you have a recipe for success in fresh and saltwater. Whether you’re chasing big flathead or soccer ball sized goldens the Vibe 60 is a must have in your lure box.



1546433PRO-TECH VIBE 60MM PERCHPerch60mmSinking10m +Owner ST-36BC18g$20.99
1546434PRO-TECH VIBE 60MM WATERMELONWatermelon60mmSinking10m +Owner ST-36BC18g$20.99
1546435PRO-TECH VIBE 60MM EMERALD SHINEREmerald Shiner60mmSinking10m +Owner ST-36BC18g$20.99
1546436PRO-TECH VIBE 60MM IVORY PEARLIvory Pearl60mmSinking10m +Owner ST-36BC18g$20.99
1546437PRO-TECH VIBE 60MM MAVERICKMaverick60mmSinking10m +Owner ST-36BC18g$20.99
1546438PRO-TECH VIBE 60MM GOLDEN TICKETGolden Ticket60mmSinking10m +Owner ST-36BC18g$20.99
1546439PRO-TECH VIBE 60MM MOSS SHADMoss Shad60mmSinking10m +Owner ST-36BC18g$20.99
1546440PRO-TECH VIBE 60MM OLIVE GILLOlive Gill60mmSinking10m +Owner ST-36BC18g$20.99


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