Gulp! Crazy Legs Jerk Shad

  • Traditional jerkshad style body with slotted belly
  • Twin tail filaments to create irresistible action on the sink
  • Deep body allows for multiple rigging options
  • Features Gulp!®’s proven fish catching scent formula
  • Available in six colours for any water conditions

FROM RRP. $11.99



The all-new Berkley® Gulp!® 7” Crazy Legs Jerk Shad combines two proven fish-catching features into the ultimate larger profile lure. Featuring a long and slender body design with twin tail filaments, the Gulp!® 7” Crazy Legs has an irresistible action that fish simply cannot resist. With the added tail design, the legendary jerkshad profile now has an incredible fluid-like swimming action on the sink that comes to life with even the slightest of rod movements.
Combine this with the proven fish catching scent formula that Gulp!® is known for, and this soft bait is set to be an irresistible offering whenever big fish are on the agenda. Whether it’s jigged deep amongst structure, or retrieved across the surface for that explosive reaction bite, the Gulp!® 7” Crazy Legs revs up any fish that swims nearby.


ModelSKUPackagingColourPackage CountBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
GSCLJS7-PW GULP S CRZLGJRKSH 7IN PRLWH1573933BagPearl White47in | 18cmCrazy Legs Jerkshad$11.99
GSCLJS7-NCH GULP S CRZLGJRKSH 7IN NKCHK1573934BagNuclear Chicken47in | 18cmCrazy Legs Jerkshad$11.99
GSCLJS7-PIL GULP S CRZLGJRKSH 7IN PLCHRD1573935BagPilchard47in | 18cmCrazy Legs Jerkshad$11.99
GSCLJS7-AMC GULPS CRZLGJRKSH 7IN AMERICA1573936BagAmerica47in | 18cmCrazy Legs Jerkshad$11.99
GSCLJS7-NP GULP S CRZLGJRKSH 7IN NW PNNY1573937BagNew Penny47in | 18cmCrazy Legs Jerkshad$11.99
GSCLJS7-OBS GULP S CRZLGJRKSH 7IN ORBSHR1573938BagOrange Belly Shrimp47in | 18cmCrazy Legs Jerkshad$11.99


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