Gulp! Turbo Shrimp

  • Unique leg design for maximum vibration to attract fish
  • Life-like segmented shrimp body and tail
  • Built from the proven Gulp!® formula to distribute fish attracting scent
  • Available in three sizes
  • Available in six colours for any water conditions

FROM RRP. $11.99



The Gulp!® Turbo Shrimp is the next evolution of shrimp imitations that is set to change the game for all salt and freshwater fishing scenarios.
Featuring a unique leg design that oscillates back and forward upon retrieval, the Gulp!® Turbo Shrimp creates turbulence and vibration in the water that disperses scent and attracts more fish.
With a range of natural and vibrant colours to suit all waterways around the country, and three different sizes, the Gulp!® Turbo Shrimp will be a killer lure for anything from flathead in the south to barra up north.
There is no doubt that the shrimp is a staple in the diets of all fish throughout Australia, and now the Gulp!® Turbo Shrimp will be a staple in any angler’s tackle box that wants to catch more fish!


ModelSKUPackagingColourPackage CountBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
GSTBS2-PPRW GULP SW TRBOSHRMP 2IN PPRWN1573691BagPeppered Prawn82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS2-BPW GULP SW TRBOSHRMP 2IN BNPRWN1573692BagBanana Prawn82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS2-C GULP SW TRBOSHRMP 2IN CAMO1573693BagCamo82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS2-MLTS GULP SW TRBO SHRMP 2IN MLTS1573694BagMolting Shrimp82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS2-PW GULP SW TRBO SHRMP 2IN PRLWHT1573695BagPearl White82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS2-NCH GULP SW TRBOSHRMP 2IN NUKCHKN1573696BagNuclear Chicken82in | 5cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS3-PPRW GULP SW TRBOSHRMP 3IN PPRWN1573697BagPeppered Prawn63in | 7.5cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS3-C GULP SW TRBOSHRMP 3IN CAMO1573698BagCamo63in | 7.5cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS3-PKBS GULP SW TRBOSHRMP 3IN PNKBSH1573919BagPink Belly Shrimp63in | 7.5cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS3-MLTS GULP SW TRBO SHRMP 3IN MLTS1573920BagMolting Shrimp63in | 7.5cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS3-PW GULP SW TRBO SHRMP 3IN PRLWHT1573921BagPearl White63in | 7.5cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS3-NCH GULP SW TRBOSHRMP 3IN NUKCHKN1573922BagNuclear Chicken63in | 7.5cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS4-PPRW GULP SW TRBOSHRMP 4IN PPRWN1573923BagPeppered Prawn44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS4-C GULP SW TRBOSHRMP 4IN CAMO1573924BagCamo44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS4-PKBS GULP SW TRBOSHRMP 4IN PNKBSH1573925BagPink Belly Shrimp44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS4-MLTS GULP SW TRBO SHRMP 4IN MLTS1573926BagMolting Shrimp44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS4-PW GULP SW TRBO SHRMP 4IN PRLWHT1573927BagPearl White44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99
GSTBS4-NCH GULP SW TRBOSHRMP 4IN NUKCHKN1573928BagNuclear Chicken44in | 10cmShrimp$11.99


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