Gulp!® 5″, 7″ & 9″ Jerk Shad

  • Available in four new translucent metallic colours
  • Slotted belly design maximizes rigging options and scent dispersion
  • Slender bait fish profile to suit a wide variety of species and environments
  • Erratic darting action that fish cannot resist
  • Built from the proven Gulp! formula

FROM RRP. $11.99



The legendary Gulp! Jerk Shad gets even better, with a new and improved paint job! The Gulp! Jerk Shads are the leading snapper soft bait in the country, and now will feature a range of four new vibrant translucent metallic colours which are sure to catch you more fish. Whether you are chasing cobia, samson fish, kingfish, trevally, golden snapper, tuna, barra, jewfish, big flathead and even sailfish, this is the perfect bait to have in your arsenal.

Sizes: 5″, 7″ & 9″


ModelSKUPackagingColourPackage CountBait LengthBait ShapeRRP
GSJS5-C SW GULP JERK SHAD 5IN CAMO 141120261BagCamo55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-GL SW GULP JERK SHAD 5IN GLOW DE1120262BagGlow55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-BPN SW GULP JRK SHD 5IN BLPPRNE TB1121791BagBlue Pepper Neon55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-NCH SW GULP JRK SHD 5IN NUC CKN SX1121794BagNuclear Chicken55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GJS5-PW GULP JRK SHD 5IN PEARL WHITE BQ1123762BagPearl White65in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-PSH SWGULPJERKSHAD 5IN PNKSHINE UH1123828BagPink Shine55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-PS SW GULP JERK SHAD 5IN PSEED 761138186BagPumpkinseed55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-SCH GULP SW 5IN JRKSHD SATAYCKN YH1140530BagSatay Chicken55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-PIL SWGULP JRKSHAD5IN PILCHARDAAO1199479BagPilchard55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-FT GULP JRKSHD 5IN FIRETIGER1292914BagFiretiger55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-YKSNK GULP SW 5IN JRKSHD YAKKASNAK1395293BagYakka Snak55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-BLFZ GULP SW 5IN JRKSHD BLU FUZE1409998BagBlue Fuze55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-VIOHF SW 5IN JERK SHAD VIOHAZEFLEC1588569BagViolet Haze Fleck55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-OCSFT SW 5IN JERK SHAD OCEANSHIFT1588570BagOcean Shift55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-BLUHF SW 5IN JRKSHD BLUHAZFLEC1595932BagBlue Haze Fleck55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS5-GREHF SW 5IN JRKSHD GREHAZFLEC1595933BagGreen Haze Fleck55in | 13cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-BPN SWGULP JERKSHAD 7IN BLPPRNN TB1123844BagBlue Pepper Neon47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-NCH SWGULP JRK SHD 7IN NCLRCHKN SX1123850BagNuclear Chicken47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-PW SW GULP JERKSHAD 7IN PRL WH BQ1123851BagPearl White47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-PSH SWGULP JERKSHAD7IN PNKSHINE UH1123852BagPink Shine47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-AN SW GULP JRK SHAD 7IN ANCHOVY NW1130846BagAnchovy47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-PIL SWGULP JRK SHAD7IN PILCHARDAAO1199480BagPilchard47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-FT GULP JRKSHD 7IN FIRETIGER1292918BagFiretiger47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-WMPR GULP JRKSHD 7IN WMELON PEARL1292919BagWatermelon Pearl47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-YKSNK GULP SW 7IN JRKSHD YAKKASNAK1395297BagYakka Snak47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-BLFZ GULP SW 7IN JRKSHD BLU FUZE1409999BagBlue Fuze47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-SMUL GULP SW 7IN JRKSHD SLVR MLT1562587BagSilver Mullet47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-DSCO GULP SW 7IN JRKSHD DISCO1562588BagDisco47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-CRTR GULP SW 7IN JRKSHD CORALTROUT1562589BagCoral Trout47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-OPNT GULP SW 7IN JRKSHD OPENNGNGT1562590BagOpening Night47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-VIOHF SW 7IN JRKSHD VIOHAZEFLEC1595928BagViolet Haze Fleck47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-OCSFT SW 7IN JRKSHD OCEANSHIFT1595929BagOcean Shift47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-BLUHF SW 7IN JRKSHD BLUHAZFLEC1595930BagBlue Haze Fleck47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS7-GREHF SW 7IN JRKSHD GREHAZFLEC1595931BagGreen Haze Fleck47in | 18cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS9-NCH GULP JRKSHD 9IN NUCLEAR CHICKN1519281BagNuclear Chicken49in | 23cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS9-PW GULP JRKSHD 9IN PEARL WHITE1519282BagPearl White49in | 23cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS9-PIL GULP JRKSHD 9IN PILCHARD1519283BagPilchard49in | 23cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS9-FT GULP JRKSHD 9IN FIRETIGER1519284BagFire Tiger49in | 23cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS9-BLFZ GULP JRKSHD 9IN BLUE FUZE1519285BagBlue Fuze49in | 23cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS9-BPN GULP JRKSHD 9IN BLUEPEPPR NEON1519286BagBlue Pepper Neon49in | 23cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS9-YKSNK GULP JRKSHD 9IN YAKKA SNAK1519287BagYakka Snak49in | 23cmJerkshad$11.99
GSJS9-PSH GULP JRKSHD 9IN PINK SHINE1519288BagPink Shine49in | 23cmJerkshad$11.99


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