PowerBait® 3”, 4” & 5” Nemesis Paddletail

  • Slim minnow profile with a large spade shaped paddle tail
  • Thin tail wrist produces a strong tail action
  • V shaped cross section produces lots of body roll and vibration
  • Australian designed for a wide range of species

FROM RRP. $9.99



Introduced last year, the Powerbait Nemesis Paddletail profile has proven a dominant fish slayer around the country for freshwater, estuary and inshore anglers. This year, a 3” model has been included to compliment the existing 4” and 5” sizes, packing the same killer tail wobble, UV enhancement and scent as the rest of the family. The 3” size makes this deadly shape applicable to a brace of new small-medium predators, as well as big fish only interested in a small profile bait.

Sizes: 3″, 4″ & 5″


SKUDescriptionSizeBait ShapeColourRRP
1528222PBBNMSPT3-BLEAK3IN | 8CMPaddletailBleak$9.99
1528223PBBNMSPT3-BLACK GOLD GL3IN | 8CMPaddletailBlack Gold Glitter$9.99
1528224PBBNMSPT3-BREEN CHART3IN | 8CMPaddletailBreen Chart$9.99
1528227PBBNMSPT3-PINK GLITTER3IN | 8CMPaddletailPink Glitter$9.99
1528259PBBNMSPT3-HOUDINI3IN | 8CMPaddletailHoudini$9.99
1569324PBBNMSPT3-BLUE SHINER GOLD3IN | 8CMPaddletailBlue Shiner Gold$9.99
1569325PBBNMSPT3-PEARL WHITE3IN | 8CMPaddletailPearl White$9.99
1512971PBBNMSPT4-BLEAK4IN |10CMPaddletailBleak$9.99
1512972PBBNMSPT4-PEARL WHITE4IN |10CMPaddletailPearl White$9.99
1512975PBBNMSPT4-BLOODWORM4IN |10CMPaddletailBloodworm$9.99
1512976PBBNMSPT4-PINK GLITTER4IN |10CMPaddletailPink Glitter$9.99
1569327PBBNMSPT4-CAPPUCCINO4IN |10CMPaddletailCappucino$9.99
1569329PBBNMSPT4-WATERMELON PEARL4IN |10CMPaddletailWatermelon Pearl$9.99
1512977PBBNMSPT5-BLEAK5IN | 13CMPaddletailBleak$9.99
1512978PBBNMSPT5-PEARL WHITE5IN | 13CMPaddletailPearl White$9.99
1512981PBBNMSPT5-BLOODWORM5IN | 13CMPaddletailBloodworm$9.99
1512982PBBNMSPT5-PINK GLITTER5IN | 13CMPaddletailPink Glitter$9.99
1569330PBBNMSPT5-CAPPUCCINO5IN | 13CMPaddletailCappucino$9.99
1569332PBBNMSPT5-WATERMELON PEARL5IN | 13CMPaddletailWatermelon Pearl$9.99


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