Tommy Glide

  • Fitted with Owner STX-58TN Trebles and Hyperwire rings
  • Multi-segment body replicates the profile of a natural baitfish
  • Can be chin weighted to achieve deeper running depth
  • Wide S-type swim action is easily controlled with retrieve speed
  • Available in 6 great colours to suit fresh and saltwater environments

FROM RRP. $49.99



Pro-Tech Tommy Glide is a natural baitfish profile, two-piece glide bait designed to be slowly retrieved with a wide slow action. This action is easily controlled with the speed of the retrieve. Swim depth can be adjusted by adding a chin weight if required. Tommy Glide is perfectly suited for fishing shadow lines for barra and mulloway or winding its way across the sand flats for that metre long flathead you’ve been chasing forever. The Berkley Pro-Tech Tommy Glide is fitted with high quality Owner STX-58TN trebles and Hyperwire rings to ensure the slightest swipe connects and keeps you connected until the fish is in the boat.



1576733PRO-TECH TMY GLD 180MM SS CHARTREUESEChartreuse180mmGlide Slow Sink0.4m - 3.0mOwner STX-58TN72g$49.99
1576734PRO-TECH TMY GLD 180MM SS WHITINGWhiting180mmGlide Slow Sink0.4m - 3.0mOwner STX-58TN72g$49.99
1576735PRO-TECH TMY GLD 180MM SS MAVERICKMaverick180mmGlide Slow Sink0.4m - 3.0mOwner STX-58TN72g$49.99
1576736PRO-TECH TMY GLD 180MM SS AYU PRL PNKAyu Pearl Pink180mmGlide Slow Sink0.4m - 3.0mOwner STX-58TN72g$49.99
1576737PRO-TECH TMY GLD 180MM SS TXC WTRMLNToxic Watermelon180mmGlide Slow Sink0.4m - 3.0mOwner STX-58TN72g$49.99
1576738PRO-TECH TMY GLD 180MM SS HD BONEHD Bone180mmGlide Slow Sink0.4m - 3.0mOwner STX-58TN72g$49.99


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