Trilene XL

  • Extra Limp
  • Smooth handling
  • Neutral bouyancy
  • Strong and reliable
  • Value for money

FROM RRP. $9.99



Trilene XL line is an extra limp monofilament line and has a very low memory so is ideal for spinning reels. 

XL is amazingly abrasive resistant. This is a great general purpose line with a breaking strain for all Australian conditions. XL comes in 500 metre spools for about the same price you would expect to pay for 300!


ModelSKUPackagingColourAdvertised DiameterBreak StrengthAdvertised LengthRRP
XLFS6-15 XL IMPR FS 6LB 330YD CLR1562052Filler SpoolsClear0.009in | 0.22mm6lb | 2.7kg330yd | 301m$9.99
XLFS8-15 XL IMPR FS 8LB 330YD CLR1562053Filler SpoolsClear0.010in | 0.25mm8lb | 3.6kg330yd | 301m$9.99
XLFS10-15 XL IMPR FS 10LB 300YD CLR1562054Filler SpoolsClear0.011in | 0.27mm10lb | 4.5kg300yd | 274m$9.99
XLFS12-15 XL IMPR FS 12LB 300YD CLR1562055Filler SpoolsClear0.013in | 0.33mm12lb | 5.4kg300yd | 274m$9.99
XLFS14-15 XL IMPR FS 14LB 300YD CLR1562056Filler SpoolsClear0.014in | 0.35mm14lb | 6.3kg300yd | 274m$9.99
XLFS17-15 XL IMPR FS 17LB 300YD CLR1562057Filler SpoolsClear0.015in | 0.38mm17lb | 7.7kg300yd | 274m$9.99
XLFS20-15 XL IMPR FS 20LB 270YD CLR1562058Filler SpoolsClear0.016in | 0.40mm20lb | 9kg270yd | 246m$9.99
XLFS25-15 XL IMPR FS 25LB 270YD CLR1562099Filler SpoolsClear0.018in | 0.45mm25lb | 11.3kg270yd | 246m$9.99
XLFS30-15 XL IMPR FS 30LB 250YD CLR1562100Filler SpoolsClear0.020in | 0.50mm30lb | 13.6kg250yd | 228m$9.99


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