Twitcher 45 + 60

  • Realistic minnow profile
  • Great castability
  • Slow rise when paused
  • Tight high frequency action
  • Sonic rattle
  • Fitted with Owner rings and ST 36BC hooks
  • Available in 45mm and 60mm size
  • Available in 7 colours (45mm range) and 4 colours (60mm range), with selected UV highlight models

FROM RRP. $18.99



The Pro-Tech Twitcher is designed to target fussy estuarine and freshwater species. Its lifelike minnow profile is common in baitfish that live in most Australian aquatic environments making it a very versatile lure to throw when fish are proving tough to get a bite out of. The smaller 45mm model is ideal for twitching adjacent to structure or across open flats to tempt black and yellowfin bream. The 65mm model offers a larger profile suited well to targeting everything from flathead and bass. Both models have tight actions that fish well slow rolled or twitched in a series of rips and pauses. The Twitcher slowly rises when paused and can easily be swam over submerged structure to tempt fish holding tight with a reaction bite.



1546361PRO-TECH TWITCHER 45MM AYU PEARLAyu Pearl45mmFloating0.5m - 1.0mOwner ST-36BC3.4g$18.99
1546362PRO-TECH TWITCHER 45MM CANDY APPLECandy Apple45mmFloating0.5m - 1.0mOwner ST-36BC3.4g$18.99
1546363PRO-TECH TWITCHER 45MM BROOK TROUTBrook Trout45mmFloating0.5m - 1.0mOwner ST-36BC3.4g$18.99
1546364PRO-TECH TWITCHER 45MM LIME TIGER PEARLLime Tiger Pearl45mmFloating0.5m - 1.0mOwner ST-36BC3.4g$18.99
1546365PRO-TECH TWITCHER 45MM KELPIEKelpie45mmFloating0.5m - 1.0mOwner ST-36BC3.4g$18.99
1546366PRO-TECH TWITCHER 45MM GHOST PINKGhost Pink45mmFloating0.5m - 1.0mOwner ST-36BC3.4g$18.99
1546367PRO-TECH TWITCHER 45MM FIRE TIGERFire Tiger45mmFloating0.5m - 1.0mOwner ST-36BC3.4g$18.99
1546371PRO-TECH TWITCHER 60MM BROOK TROUTBrook Trout60mmFloating0.6m - 1.5mOwner ST-36BC7.7g$18.99
1546373PRO-TECH TWITCHER 60MM KELPIEKelpie60mmFloating0.6m - 1.5mOwner ST-36BC7.7g$18.99
1546374PRO-TECH TWITCHER 60MM GHOST PINKGhost Pink60mmFloating0.6m - 1.5mOwner ST-36BC7.7g$18.99
1546375PRO-TECH TWITCHER 60MM FIRE TIGERFire Tiger60mmFloating0.6m - 1.5mOwner ST-36BC7.7g$18.99


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