New PowerBait Range Q&A – Russell Babekuhl

Tournament angler, Russell Babekuhl hands out a few of his secrets to help you catch more fish using PowerBait soft plastics.

Q – What excites you about the NEW PowerBait Soft plastic range?

After having had a good chance to fish some of the new range, there’s some very exciting new colours in the mix as well different sizes to complement existing bait patterns. There is also some totally new shapes and actions to add to the extensive line up that will cover a huge range of species. There’s everything from classics like Grubs and Jerkshads, to Frogs and Toads and unique patterns like the Shrimp and Forktail Minnow.

Q – What gives you the confidence in PowerBait soft plastics?

Having used PowerBait for many years in some heavily pressured waterways and high stakes tournament situations, I have confidence that the natural look, action and flavour of the PowerBait range will get me the crucial bites that I need to win.

Q – How long have you used PowerBait soft plastics for?

 I’ve been using Powerbait for close to 20 years now, and I’ll likely use them for at least another 20.

Q – Which PowerBait soft plastics would you recommend for a beginner who wants to start chasing bream & flathead on lures?

When targeting bream, I generally like to use smaller PowerBait profiles in the 2 – 3” size range. I’ve had particularly good success in testing with the 2” Shrimp and 3.5” Forktail Minnows. If it’s flathead you’re after, the 3” & 4” Shrimp, 5” Jerkshad and 4” Grubs have been the stand outs.

Q – Can you share any tips on how to choose the right PowerBait soft plastic shape to help anglers catch more fish?

When selecting which PowerBait to use in an estuary, there’s three key features I look at.

  1. Profile – try to match the profile as close as you can to what you think your target species might be feeding on. For example, if you see prawns flicking along the bank, pick up a Shrimp. If you notice schools of baitfish in the water, tie on a Forktail Minnow to replicate the likely food source in the area.
  2. Action – if I’m wanting to cover a lot of water to find fish, I’ll often throw a minnow style pattern like the Forktail or Jerkshad. For bream and flathead, I’ll use a heavier jig head and fish it aggressively. When I think I already know where a fish should be, I’ll throw a PowerBait Grub or PowerBait Shrimp on a light jig head and allow it more time to slowly sink into the strike zone keeping the lure in their face for longer.
  3. Colour – This is often personal preference. Everyone has a favourite and often if you’re confident in the lure and colour choice, it will work.
    I prefer translucent colours such as Bleak & Disco Violet on bright sunny days and brighter colours such as Pink Glitter and Pearl White if it’s overcast or low light, but that’s just personal preference. I could ask five people what their favourite colour is and there’s a good chance they’ll all be different. It’s trial and error, there is no rules on what colour will or won’t work on any given day. I’ve seen all of them catch fish during all different conditions, so my advice is to grab a few and see if one is working better than the other on that day.

Q – Do you think any of the PowerBait soft plastics could be used as a “one lure” to catch all species of fish in Australia? What would that be?

If I was to choose only one PowerBait soft plastic to target all species, it would have to be the Shrimp. There aren’t too many fish I have found all over the country that won’t eat a shrimp or prawn in fresh and salt water.

By Russell Babekuhl – Berkley Pro Team

Russ is a veteran tournament angler who’s seen success in the highest echelons of the sport from Angler of the Year awards to the Australian Fishing Championships. These days, Russ targets a whole mix of species from his NSW Mid North Coast home base, from flathead to snapper, and enjoys venturing further afield too in pursuit of other iconic sportfishing species like barramundi.

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