If there’s one thing in life I love to do, it’s chase fish on lures! Especially flathead and snapper on soft plastics.

I’ve been chasing these fish around for several years and no matter what I try, I always come back to the ever-reliable Berkley Gulp! range. With so many different shapes and colours to suit any fishing scenario, you know they have you covered!

Being a Berkley pro team member sure has its perks and one of those is testing new products. It’s always exciting and challenging to try a new lure that the team at Berkley have been working on. Earlier this year I was introduced to a new range of Berkley Gulp! and let me tell you, these are the go!

There’s a 5” Nemesis which I believe has hit the sweet spot for my style of fishing, filling the gap between the previous 4” and 6.5” sizes. But wait! There’s more, adding the Nemesis range is two new shapes – Nemesis Prawn Paddle Tail and a Nemesis Prawn Curl Tail which are both available in three sizes: 3,4 & 5”.
After casting around each of these new shapes, it didn’t take long, and they proved themselves to be fish slayers! I racked up a heap of numbers and caught some nice fish in the mix.

The new Nemesis profiles come packaged in the same great Gulp! scent and are available in 6 colours. There’s also a few select colours available in the Gulp! Alive tubs.

Coming in at a length of 3” to 5” they can be fisher successfully for a huge variety of species including flathead, snapper and mulloway, barramundi just to name a few.

A versatile bunch of lures, I found slow rolling, traditional jigging and a slow lift and drop worked a treat with these new profiles creating an irresistible action that seemed hard to resist and accounted for modest numbers of flathead as well as a large variety of other estuary species. Offshore, these new profiles held their own especially when the bite was tough, and you’d be getting the hit without the hook up. I’ve often found myself trimming larger lures down to compensate for the short strike, but now there’s an easy solution to continue using my favourite profile for offshore species – tie on the 5” Nemesis!

What I really like about the new profiles at the end of the day, is the fact they’re so easy to use. I think this is important for any angler, no matter how skilled you are. Having a lure with so much action is a great start for getting the kids into fishing or your mate who’s a first timer using soft plastics.

These new Gulp! shapes have found a place in my tackle box, and I can see them becoming a new favourite amongst many fishos, especially the kids. Welcome to Fishing!

By Brian (Barney) Perry – Berkley Pro Team

Brian is a bit of a veteran angler who wakes up during the early hours of a weekend and smiles because he knows he’s about to hit the water. You’ll often see him appear on Reel Action TV alongside Guesty, where his wealth of fishing knowledge really shines through. Keep up to date with Barneys fishing adventures and follow him on Instagram: @barney_perry

Big baits, big fish, right? Well, yes, but elephants frequently eat peanuts, even more so when a new flavour or shape is on the dinner menu.2021 has been a year of full of challenges with the covid 19 pandemic still wreaking havoc on Australia, but there is something very exciting happening to take your mind off it and get you pumped; the new release of Gulp! products from Berkley!