Targeting everything from impoundment barra to coral trout on the outer reaches of the reef, the Casting Cowboys explain why the new Gulp! lineup puts fish in the boat.

2021 has been a year of full of challenges with the covid 19 pandemic still wreaking havoc on Australia, but there is something very exciting happening to take your mind off it and get you pumped; the new release of Gulp! products from Berkley! Each year many competitors release products alongside the Berkley range but nothing quite compares to what these lures bring to the market. When it comes to variety, the Gulp! range is endless. These lures have every discipline covered from the local impoundments and estuaries to the outer reaches of the Great Barrier Reef.

Each and every year I think surely there isn’t another lure the team can create but yet again Berkley keep bringing their A game to develop new styles and colours in the Gulp! range. Just recently I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a few packets to trial in our local Central Queensland waters and I can attest these lures catch fish. The current release has seen three new shapes which are: 5” Nemesis, 3,4 & 5” Nemesis Prawn Paddle Tail & the 3,4 & 5” Nemesis Prawn Curl Tail, plus three hot new colours added to the 6” Gulp! Grub line-up for those who wish to venture offshore.

Let’s talk estuaries briefly, as anglers we all know that all estuary predators will eat a prawn, and with the new range of Nemesis Prawns to compliment the existing popular range of Gulp! prawn/shrimp imitations, you have the perfect recipe to catch more fish.

There’s no denying that this new range was a hit when I was targeting barramundi and threadfin in one of our local systems. I used a combination of the Nemesis Paddle Tail Prawn and Nemesis Curl Tail Prawn with a mix of retrieves to temp these more than finicky fish to bite. Not only do these lures have an enticing swimming action, but they also have the added bonus of the Berkley Gulp! scent, which is backed by 20 years of continuous research and development.

Last but not least, for those who wish to venture far and wide, the new 6” Gulp Grub colours have proven to be a hit with offshore species such as coral trout. During a recent outing the trout were all over them, providing one of the best sessions of our lives! I find the larger 6” Gulp! Grubs to be a great all-round lure when working shallow reef flats out to 50m+ of water for species such as red emperor and nannygai. With the three new colours America, Black Bling and Black Chartreuse complimenting the already popular range of colours, there’s an option to suit all anglers and water conditions. Like all lures from the Gulp! range, these 6” grubs come packaged in the scientifically proven Gulp! juice formula, to help you catch more fish!

If you’re new to fishing or have many years of experience but haven’t yet discovered the success of the Gulp! range, be sure to head into your local tackle store and grab yourself some packets. I can assure you; you will not be disappointed.

By Brendan Pollard / Casting Cowboys – Berkley Pro Team

A couple of Queensland cowboys who long for free days on water chasing all of their favourite species of fish whether it’s chromed up barra or thick set red emperor. They’ve put in the time to figure their waterways out which has seen these best mates come away with some regular trophy catches. Keep up to date with the action and check them out on Instagram: @casting_cowboys

If there’s one thing in life I love to do, it’s chase fish on lures! Especially flathead and snapper on soft plastics.When chasing big moochers and having to choose a lure to target them with, the only thing that comes to my mind is Gulp! soft plastics.