A member of the perch family, the Australian bass is only found on the east coast of the mainland and although spending most of its time in freshwater, it breeds in the brackish waters of estuary systems.

A strong fighter, Australian bass is the perfect target species for lure anglers because of their predatory nature. It will take any design of lure you can think of from surface poppers to deep fished soft baits!

Stocking programs mean that this fish is widespread in lakes and rivers in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

  • Length: 20cm – 50cm+
  • Hotspots: Lake Glenbawn, Somerset Dam, Upper Hawkesbury, Upper Macleay River.
  • Distribution: Rivers, lakes and impoundments. In VIC, NSW and SEQ.
  • Fishing type: Small to medium hard, surface and soft body lures. Fresh baits such as yabbies and worms.

Best Lures

Powerbait 2.5″ Grub
Gulp! 3″ Paddleshad
Pro-Tech Slurp 85mm Peach Face
Pro-Tech Slurp 65

Murray Cod

One of the largest freshwater fish in the world the Murray cod can grow to over 100kg. Living around fallen tree structure, the Murray cod is a powerful predator with a massive mouth – able to eat anything that will fit! Lure casting and trolling are the most popular ways to target these fish. In recent years, surface fishing at night has become very popular. Found in the Murray-Darling Basin, this inland species has an iconic reputation as a ‘river monster’ and is sort after by sports anglers.

Stocking programmes exist for this fish, and you can find them in many inland lakes.

  • Length: 40cm – 1.2m+
  • Distribution: VIC, NSW, SA, QLD – Rivers and Lakes
  • Hotspots: Copeton Dam, Lake Mulwala, Lake Murray River, Nagambie, Burrinjuck Dam, Pindari Dam, Wyangala Dam.
  • Fishing type: Medium to large hard, surface and soft body lures. Fresh baits such as yabbies and worms.

Best Lures

Gulp! 6″ Paddleshad
Powerbait HD Hollowbelly 6″
Powerbait Pre-rigged giant ripple shad


One of Australian’s most important and iconic sports and table fish. One of the most aggressive lure eaters, the ‘barra’ is the classic all-rounder when it comes to fishing styles – these fish will eat anything!

A magnificent looking fish, the barramundi can be found in freshwater billabongs & rivers, estuary systems, river mouths and rocky headlands of the tropics – also stocked into freshwater impoundments in most states.

The barramundi is an ambush predator and will use cover to hide whilst waiting for food to swim past. Queensland impoundment fishing (freshwater) has become very popular for these fish over the last 30 years and the fish that you can catch are arguably the largest in the country! These fish are favoured by anglers because of the fantastic topwater fishing experience.

  • Length: 40cm – 1.2m+
  • Distribution: QLD, NT, and north west WA.
  • Hotspots: Peter Faust Dam, Lake Kichant, Lake Awoonga, Lake Monduran, Daly River, Corroboree Billabong, Fitzroy River.
  • Fishing type: Medium to large hard, surface and soft body lures. Fresh baits such as mullet, herring and bony bream.

Best Lures

Gulp! 5″ Paddleshad
Powerbait HD Hollowbelly 6″
Shimma Shrimp 100mm
Pro-Tech Bazz Bait
Pro-Tech Bazz Bait


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