Why is Gulp! the most effective Soft Plastic? Because it’s not plastic…
R&D: Berkley devoted two decades perfecting GULP!
SCENT: Unlike plastic baits Gulp! is water-based, dispersing scent as soon as it hits the water.
100% BIODEGRADABLE: The truly lasting R&D achievement is being a water based polymer made from 100% natural ingredients, Gulp! is 100% Biodegradable.

New Improved Fireline – Tougher, Stronger, Smoother

The original thermally fused superline. Fireline has been at the forefront of Superline technology for a decade. “At Berkley, why settle for “good enough” when better is achievable”. That is what we did with FireLine. It has always been the SMOOTH HANDLING SUPERLINE  – now it’s even smoother!